• Goal #2: Facilities

    Within the past 8 years, the Roxana School District has improved district-wide facilities dramatically. These improvements include a new commons area at the Jr./Sr. High Complex, a new all-weather track, new paint on 3 of the 4 district buildings, student drop off at South Roxana Elementary, restroom renovations in all facilities, a security fence and gate at the main complex, security systems at all entrance points in each building, new lockers throughout the main complex, several new parking lots with new lighting and air conditioning at the Jr./Sr. High. Portables have been eliminated and additions are in progress at the elementary buildings. 

    Goal #2: To continue to review and improve facilities in order to meet the needs of all students

                        i.      Facility Committee District Priority List

        1. Complete the Burying of Downspouts at JH and HS
        2. Complete the Elementary School Additions
        3. Renovate the Gym Entrance
        4. Renovate the Board Room
        5. Relocate and Renovate the H.S. Media Center
        6. Open the H.S. Student Center
        7. Complete the Addition of the Outdoor Concession and Restrooms
        8. Plan the JH Gymnasium Project

    ii.      Attendance Center Reconfiguration

        1. Continue the Attendance Center Committee Meetings for the Purpose of Planning and Implementation