• Goal #1: Safety

    To continue to maintain a safe and secure school environment.

    Currently, the Roxana School District has implemented several initiatives to ensure that all students feel safe and secure when they attend school. 

      1. Goal #1: To continue to maintain a safe and secure school environment

                        i.      Crisis Planning (Facility, PBIS, PSW)

        1. Continue Communication About and Use of the Student Hotline
        2. Conduct Annual Safety Drills
        3. Review and Modify All Aspects of the District and School Crisis Plans
        4. Complete Mapping for the Fire Alarm System
        5. Continue AED Training Sessions for Appropriate Staff
        6. Update All Building Crisis Kits
        7. Expand Staff CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) Training
        8. Number All Classrooms on Exterior and Interior
        9. Increase Drug Education Presentations
        10. Continue Partnership with Wellsprings on JH and HS Campus
        11. Pursue Partnership with Chestnut
        12. Continue Adding Interior and Exterior Cameras
        13. Research School Resource Officer

                      ii.      Capturing Kids' Hearts (CKH)

        1. Review CKH Process and Training Using Process Champions Teams
        2. Revise and Implement RTI in the High School


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