• Goal #4: Professional Development

    Currently, the Roxana School District is in the process of addressing a multitude of needs brought on by the paradigm shift in education. From the Common Core State Standards to research-based practices in assessment and instruction, there is a critical need for all staff members to fully understand and have the ability to effectively apply all aspects of best practice in their classroom.

    Goal #4: To continue to provide all administrators, teachers, and staff with the skills necessary to lead, teach, assess, and ensure effective instructional strategies in every class

                        i.      Evaluation

        1. Develop the Framework, Protocol and Forms for the Growth Part of the Evaluation Plan per PERA/Danielson/Senate Bill 7
        2. Pilot Targeted Student Growth Measures
        3. Continue Danielson Evaluation Committee Communication

                      ii.      Technology

        1. Provide Individual and Team PD on Tech (1:1 apps, website development, etc.) Offered on SIPs, During Preps, After School and as Needed

                    iii.      Common Core, Instruction and Assessment

        1. Revise and Implement a New Model for Building Meetings Where Strategy Modeling is the Focus
        2. Provide Resources and Training on the Learner Qualities, District Reading Comprehension Strategies, Writing Traits and CCSS Instructional Strategies Through the CourseMason Drive, Announcements, During Preps, After School and Digitally