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  • Goal #3: Communication

     To continue to improve effective communication and collaboration with district and community stakeholders

                        i.      Edline

        1. Continue to Update and Expand Website and Resources
        2. Update and Maintain District, Building and Classroom Web Pages
        3. Provide PD on Website Development
        4. Implement Quarterly District Updates

                      ii.      School Improvement Planning Committees (Universal Teams, Intervention Teams, Professional Learning Teams, Attendance Center Committee, Evaluation Committee, Technology Committee, Parent and Community Advisory Council)

        1. Share Student Progress Data with Other Staff, Students and Parents
        2. Meet Quarterly (Administration and Evaluation Committee) to Discuss Evaluation Implementation
        3. Use Skylerts for Events and Information
        4. Increase the Number of Parent Contacts
        5. Use CourseMason for Recording and Reporting PLC and SIP Agendas, Minutes and Overall Curriculum Work
        6. Use All Committees as Conduits for Reporting Out to Staff, Soliciting Information from Staff and Collective Problem-Solving
        7. Ensure That All District and School Improvement Goals are Aligned