• Beliefs

    Achieving excellence with passion, pride, and partnership

    Belief Statements:

    1. We believe in ensuring a safe physical and emotional environment that supports the well-being of all students and staff.
    1. We believe in effective communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders.
    1. We believe the expectation of excellence will yield excellence.
    1. We believe all students can learn.
    1. We believe education addresses the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all learners.
    1. We believe in the importance of being good stewards of all resources.  (financial, environmental, etc.)
    1. We believe in a willingness to initiate and respond to change for progress.
    1. We believe education takes place best in an environment that fosters pride, passion, and respect.
    1. We believe the school district exists for the good of the entire community.