Carey Price - Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Every year, a teacher from the Roxana School District is chosen to receive the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.  In November, Emerson will announce the honorees, present them with a certificate and gift basket, and send a news release listing of honorees to the St. Louis area news media. This year’s recipient from the Roxana School District is Carey Price! 

Carey Price demonstrates her commitment to ensure that students in our community have access to a vibrant educational provision. Carey has played a pivotal role in providing opportunities for our students to attend Camp Roxy. Throughout her educational career, Carey continually serves our students and offers support to families, providing basic needs and resources. When Carey is asked to explain her purpose in being an educator, she always expresses her desire to make a difference in the lives of her students. When asking about her role as an educator, Carey reiterates her desire to give students the best part of their day. She has led the call of high level relevant teaching practices designed to engage students and strengthen student-centered instruction. Carey utilizes games to enhance the educational experience for her students.  One thing that you will consistently see in Mrs. Price’s room is the love she has for her students and the love they have for her.

She is a member of our school leadership team, a building representative for the Roxana Education Association, and a member of the curriculum committee.  Her strong focus on professional learning has increased teacher confidence and expertise and encourages collaboration within and beyond her classroom. Carey is encouraging to not only her students, but also the faculty and staff at South Primary. To enhance student learning, Carey understands and values the critical role teachers have in a collaborative setting. Her enthusiasm and collective approach has encouraged and strengthened our professional learning communities. Because of this, Carey is held in high regard by the education community. Her strong work ethic, her ability to inspire others and her commitment to the values of public education, inclusive of special education, makes her an outstanding candidate for the Emerson Excellence Award.