During stressful times we need a reminder to help us stay positive and keep a cool head. Here’s an acronym that may help -BCOOL  B  Breathe: Take three deep breaths. Your breath helps you create awareness of what is happening in the here and now. C    Calm: Your breath can also help you remain calm. O Okay: Once you calm yourself you’ll know that you are ultimately okay and that whatever you are facing is workable. We need to be okay to accept whatever we are experiencing. O  Observe: Once you feel better you can observe the emotion while it is happening. Naming the emotion can help it feel less overwhelming. Whatever the emotion is try to experience it fully, don’t judge it, there’s nothing wrong with it. Once you have labeled and accepted the emotion as it is, ask yourself “What do I feel in  my body?” “Why is this emotion there?” L   Love: Using your breath, hold yourself with love. Be kind to yourself when you are experiencing a challenging emotion. If it is still too overwhelming, try to turn your attention to your breath. You are not trying to ignore your emotion; you are trying to see it clearly. Through clearly seeing your emotion you will take it less personally. Remember to BCOOL – you got this!  Much love and health to all,Mrs. Hazelwood-Rogers