Daily Positive Message – Frustrated? (4/23/2020)

Feeling frustrated by social distancing or by remote learning? Feeling frustrated that you can’t hang with your friends or that your school year didn’t end the way you imagined? Ease your frustration through the implementation of these mindfulness techniques:

Triangle breathing.png
mindfull or mindful ?.jpeg
body scan with gratitude.jpeg

Needing something more physical to release your frustration? Practice the exercise in the video. It’s challenging and may result in a moment of frustration but hang in there, you’ll feel better in the end. Remember, you got this! Disappointments and frustrations in life happen – it’s a natural occurrence and we can’t eliminate those experiences – but we can learn to accept them, give them their moment, and then move on to something more positive and healthy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeAU4BEwnMg&feature=youtu.be
  Mrs. Shannon and Charley