Curriculum in the Roxana School District is one of our highest priorities! We believe that our curriculum, both academic and social, emphasizes rigorous standards in aligned units of study and drives the potential for student success. Our curriculum has several key attributes:

  • We believe that developing an environment of respect and rapport that fosters deep relationships with students and families is the foundation for accessing academic growth. We currently use the Capturing Kids’ Hearts Model (CKH) throughout the district.
  • We believe in teaching students to “learn how to learn” and have developed key learner qualities for all of our students. Teachers are currently beginning their journey to specifically help students develop skills and knowledge in learning how to think, problem solve and perservere in challenging situations in an effort to help them become truly independent.
  • We believe that assessment is an integral part of the instructional process and we are continuing to developing common, standards-aligned assessments to help determine individual student strengths and deficits. Deficits can then be addressed through very measured and prescriptive strategies.
  • We also use a more standardized aseessment, Renaissance Learning, to benchmark all students  from kindergarten through 12 grade three times per year in reading and math. Results are analyzed at the classroom and building level by PLC teams and intervention plans are created based upon the data.
  • We use a digital system, CourseMason, to map our curriculum and continually add resources and effective strategies to lessons. Scope and sequence documents for all classes are available upon request.

With this rigorous curriculum, teachers will guide our students to success and will foster independent thinkers that actively contribute to their community and challenge each other to continually improve.