Roxana Learner Qualities

Roxana Learner Qualities in Roxana CUSD #1

Hattie identified six main areas that contribute to learning: the student, the home, the school, the curricula, the teacher, and teaching and learning approaches. He worked through each of these categories of influences to evaluate which specific innovations and influences were above or below the .40 effect size hinge point. With the exception of the school, all of these six had considerable influence on student learning outcomes. But Hattie did not merely detail lists of the relative effects of the different influences on student learning. He also set out to identify the message underlying them. He found that the key to making a difference was making teaching and learning ‘visible’. Hattie explained how visible teaching involves teachers deliberately intervening to ensure changes in their students’ thinking. This requires teachers to be clear about the learning intentions, know when each student is successful in attaining those learning intentions, have knowledge of the students’ understanding, and provide a progressive development of challenging experiences and opportunities for students to develop learning strategies based on surface and deep levels of learning. It also requires teachers to use feedback from students that reveals what they know and understand; to provide direction, but also step back when they see learners are progressing towards success criteria. What learners do is important too. When learning is visible, students are active; they are involved in determining success criteria, setting higher expectations, being open to different ways of acquiring knowledge and problem solving.

We want our Roxana students to be highly independent both academically and behaviorally. In order to help students develop independence, personal responsibility and self-discipline in both academic and behavioral areas, Roxana has developed a set of learner qualities, which are listed below. Learner Qualities are those behaviors that enhance a student’s ability to learn about their learning and thinking. Learner Qualities are “life skills.” that are essential for success in school, the workplace and everyday life. By collectively focusing on these behaviors now, students will be preparing for a successful future throughout their schooling and beyond.

Roxana learners are CURIOUS and ASK QUESTIONS.
They have a desire to learn or know more about something or someone.

Roxana learners are CREATIVE and TAKE RISKS.
They have or show an ability to make new things or think of new ideas.

Roxana learners are INDEPENDENT and BELIEVE in themselves.

They are able to act and think freely instead of being guided by other people.

Roxana learners are SELF-AWARE and REFLECT on their thinking.

They have knowledge and awareness of their own personality, character and learner strengths and weaknesses.

Roxana learners are FOCUSED and ENGAGE in tasks.

They are able to give attention and effort to a specific task or goal. 

Roxana learners are ANALYTICAL and CONNECT with content and process.

They have or show skill in thinking or reasoning.

Roxana learners are DETERMINED and PERSIST in problem solving.

They have a strong feeling that they are going to do something and that they will not allow anyone or anything to stop them.

Roxana learners are RESOURCEFUL and COLLABORATE with others.
They are able to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems.