• About South Primary School



    Dear Families,

    We are excited to serve all of the Pre-K to 2nd grade students in the Roxana School District.  As the primary building, we play a supportive role in the social and academic development of our students.  Our academic and social decisions are based on data that is individual to each student.  Students are expected to be respectful and responsible at all times and be consummate learners both during and after school.  We have a talented and caring staff who will work hard for your students.  South Primary School is an outstanding example of a learning community where Home, School, and Community Resources are shining through in the accomplishments of our students. 

    The values we instill in our students are reflected in our Pledge of Respect:

    Pledge of Respect:

    I am a smart, special and valuable person.

    I respect myself and I respect others.

    My words and actions are kind and honest.

    I accept only my best in all that I do.

    I am proud to be me!

    With gratitude,

    The Staff of South Primary School