Your Gift


    A “Can’t Miss”




    For more than 55 years, the students, faculty, staff and devoted parents of the Roxana Community Unit School District No. 1 have been an integral part of the local community.  Graduates of the school system have gone on to pursue additional education, business careers or military service.  Many graduates have given and are giving back to the area through participation as community volunteers.

    Roxana District is justifiably proud of its long and distinguished heritage in the community.  The recent past has seen the district forge a closer relationship with business and industry, most notably the high school’s Partners In Education program with Phillips 66, our supportive next door neighbor.

    The Foundation allows graduates of the Roxana district, other individuals, and businesses to make charitable, tax deductible contributions to our school district.  It is governed by a board of directors representing education and business… people who live and work nearby…people who care about the present and future of Roxana schools.

    The Foundation has established five educational program areas to which contributions can be made, including an undesignated category if you just want to make a donation.  You may choose to donate to a specific program category, or you can designate your own. A space has also been provided in which you may explain a specific item or area of giving.  The only requirement is that the designated donation be for a program or activity directly connected with the school district.

    No contribution is too small, and all are greatly appreciated.  To make a contribution, please complete the back panel of this brochure and mail it along with your check to the address listed.

    If you have questions about Roxana Schools Foundation, call Debra Kreutztrager, Superintendent, at (618)254-7541 between  8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    Remember, your tax deductible gift to the Roxana Schools Foundation is a “can’t miss” investment in the future of our local youth and the community.