Guidance Department

Map Your Future 2020-21

Course description guide and academic advisement policies for Roxana Senior High School

Academic Advisement

Please give serious attention to the course selection process. Schedule changes will not be permitted once parents have approved the classes selected through the schedule verification sheet.  Roxana High School builds its master schedule based on student class requests.  The master schedule is then used to determine staffing needs for the school year.  Only schedules that require correction due to inaccurate information or a verified schedule conflict will be changed.

Student and Parent initiated schedule changes must be requested prior to March 1, 2020 . 
Such requests may not be based upon teacher preference and may be denied on the basis of class size requirements and limitations.

Counselor initiated changes may be necessary because of scheduling conflicts, computer errors, or teacher/counselor recommendation based on aptitude or prerequisites.  Student selected alternate courses will be used in such cases.

Students will not be allowed to drop a year-long course mid-year.  If a student believes he/she is inappropriately placed in a course, a parent/teacher/student/administrator conference will be held to evaluate the situation.  At this time, standardized assessments will be reviewed and the amount of effort put forth by the student will be assessed to determine if a course change will be allowed.

Students may not change classes at the semester simply on the basis of personal preference.

Graduation Requirements:

Class of 2021 – Twenty-six (26) credits are required for graduation

Class of 2022 and beyond – Twenty-fine (25) credits are required for graduation

In addition, each student must have met the following requirements:

  • 4 credits in English
  • 3 credits in Mathematics
  • 2 credits in Science 
  • 2 credits in Social Studies  
    1. ½ credit in Global Cultures A and  ½ credit in Global Culture B  – required for Freshmen
    2. ½ credit in Government and ½ credit in American History – required for Sophomores
  • ½ credit in Consumers Education 
  • ½ credit in Health
  • 2 credits in Physical Education
  • 1 credit from one of the following areas:
    1. Vocational Education
    2. Fine Arts (Music, Art)
    3. Foreign Language

Driver’s Education is offered to students who meet the criteria stated in the Driver’s Education Policy.  This assignment is determined by the guidance department and the Chairman of the P.E. Department based on each student’s birthday.  Behind the wheel training will be assigned based on birth dates, oldest to youngest.

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