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Wellspring 2014 Mental Health Hero

The Roxana School District, particularly Leslie Hazelwood-Rogers, Christy Gegen, Shannon Ramsey and Chris McFarlane were recently recognized as the 2014 Wellspring Resources Mental Health Heroes. In a time when schools are struggling to meet academic needs and demands, the Roxana School District recognized the emotional, social, and behavioral needs of their students and chose to collaborate with WellSpring Resources to meet them.  As mental health professionals, we understand that meeting these needs will make students more successful, but schools are often so overwhelmed that they don’t feel they have the time or resources to address these issues. Roxana School District Staff not only recognized and implemented getting WellSpring Resources counselors on site, but they have been very effective advocates to make sure their students take advantage of these resources.  Just implementing these things would have been impressive, but the staff are further committed to promoting a culturethat supports the social and emotional needs of their students.Roxana has been proactive in educating students about mental health issues, needs, and treatment.  They sponsored a high school contest to create videos on mental health topics.  For Mental Health month, the Junior High students were encouraged to wear green to support mental health awareness and also view the videos the high school students created.  Elementary students created posters and decorated coloring sheets to promote awareness.  The Roxana School district is a model for schools in responding to mental health issues and being proactive to provide universal supports and education for all students.